​​ We are an Open and Affirming community that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our faith leads us to welcome all persons, including those of all races, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, family structures, faith backgrounds abilities and economic circumstances into the full life and ministry of this church

     We further commit ourselves to continued dialogue, so that both those who disagree and agree with this statement can support each person’s faith journey as we live, grow lean and change, according to our understanding of God’s call to us.

1111 N. Chicago Avenue
South Milwaukee, WI 53172




Sunday Worship 10:00am

First Sunday of Each Month ​Communion Service

FCUCC Wilderness Covenant

(for COVID-19):

1) As a member/friend of FCUCC, I promise to continue to 'Be the Church' by participating in worship (digital or other means) & serving our neighbors.

2) I promise to be as diligent as I can about my giving to support our ministries. I will Egive (even temporarily), mail in my offering, or use the parking lot entrance mail slot.

3) I promise to practice social but not spiritual distance, remaining connected w/ my church family & letting Pastor Beth/others know about my health, spiritual & mental well-being & prayer requests.

4) I promise to keep an open mind & willing spirit in engaging church & its ministries in new ways (even if uncomfortable at first) so that, together, we continue to be a vessel of our Stillspeaking God.

5) I promise to lean on my faith in God & cling to hope to shepherd me through all the uncertainty & unknowns of this wilderness time.

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No Matter Who You Are or

Where You Are on Life's Journey,


This is the church banner created in 2017. It is a riff from the national United Church of Christ banner. Participants on Covenant Renewal Sunday, Sept.10 were asked to respond to what it means to "Be the Church". These are their responses! This banner will hang all year as a reminder of who we are.

Human Concerns Donation

​Canned meals and Cash Donations are currently being accepted.

Rev. Beth Abbott


For a Donation through PayPal 

I imagine your heart feels as broken & shattered as mine. We have much work to continue to do as people of faith ("those who have tender hearts & tough souls" -Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III) to dismantle white privilege & uproot racism. We are called by God to listen, learn, understand, gain awareness, witness & live differently.

With gratitude,
Pastor Beth